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Hemp Gold Drops are produced in Darlington UK, using the finest hand picked hemp which has been grown on small scale hemp farms located in Oxfordshire and East Yorkshire, which is an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. All our oils have been created using an intimate manufacturing process with the sole focus being quality. 

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The Hemp oil market can be very confusing and overwhelming to the average consumer due to the extraordinarily large amount of products on the market. That is why we chose to keep our hemp oil range limited to a handful of high quality products which contain a combination of compounds that serve their purpose in supporting the body’s ECS system. 

QUALITY ASSURANCE - Hemp Gold Drops are manufactured, and produced under strict EU agricultural and food processing guidelines. Also, the production and distribution of our products is fully compliant with British Healthcare best practice, as well as the quality standards set forth by the UK CTA.


The compounds present in all our oils have been extracted from hemp plant material using hi-tech CO2 machinery. The hemp used to produce our products are sourced in small batches from organically certified UK hemp farms. Unlike many large manufacturers whom source their plant material from commercially cultivated, low-quality bulk hemp supplies in India and China. 

Because all the hemp used to manufacture our oil's have been harvested from small batch farming, it allows for a much more intimate manufacturing process. Where the specific compounds can be extracted in a low-temperature, low-pressure environment using laboratory-scale (as opposed to industrial scale) CO2 equipment.

Many other oil's on the market are produced at an industrial rate under very high-temperatures (in an effort to speed up the extraction process and minimize production cost), and thus are prone to degradation of the compound before it even makes it into the final product.

By extracting only in a low-temperature, low-pressure environment, it ensures that all products contain maximum compound quality.

We Offer a simple way to incorporate Hemp Gold Drops - hemp oil and a host of legal beneficial compounds into your daily regime without the hassle of unpleasant low-grade hemp extracts. All our products offer palatable bio-availability like no other. Our products have been made using full plant organic extracts & pure compounds. 



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