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What is Your ECS System

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Hemp extract oils are a great way to supplement a wellness way of life. There is nothing better than living a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. You can see the effects of this good living in your work life and your home life. Overall, healthy habits and knowing what you put into your body (and why) is the prime suspect when someone is living their life to the fullest.

We have many main ‘systems’ that regulate our body, and you probably already know most of them: the circulatory system, the digestive system, the endocrine system, the muscular system, the nervous system – I could keep going, but you get the idea. We have a lot of ‘systems’ and each of those help our body maintain life.

What happens when one of these systems goes out of balance? For instance, if the circulatory system starts improperly functioning it could lead to a stroke, heart attack, and/or kidney failure. We understand the results of this system not functioning properly so we take measures to make sure to regulate our blood pressure, mind our salt intake, and enter into a daily regimen of exercise and proper nutrition. This practice keeps the circulatory system well-balanced.

We already know that. However, one thing most people don’t realise is one system that is just as important as the others, and that’s the ECS system. What happens when this system is out of balance may make you cringe and wonder why you didn’t start using Hemp extract oils sooner.

The Benefit of Hemp extract oils and how they Work With Your ECS System

Allow me to introduce to you the one system you might not know or understand, the ECS system.

Personally, this system mystifies me and I am drawn to the seemingly ‘magical’ powers it can bring to our body like a moth to a flame. It really is quite remarkable.

The ECS was first discovered back in the 1990’s, when scientists and doctors realised ECS was vital because it sent important signals within the body that regulated an entire host of important day-to-day functions. Your brain, nervous system, and immune system has what these scientists have called CB1 and CB2 receptors that bind to naturally occurring compounds from ECS which bind to CB1 and CB2. These are known as ECS compounds.

Guess what? These receptors are known to be the most abundant G-protein neuroreceptors in the brain (and throughout the rest of your body). G-proteins are important because they help the body stimulate other systems, acting as molecular switches inside of your cells.

In fact, there is an ongoing study from Yale University which documents Hemp extract long term effect.

The fast relief of hemp extract oil works to provide a balanced and healthy lifestyle for people who want to add additional options to traditional medicine.

Best of all, your body was perfectly designed to use the ECS naturally to regulate its daily functions. It has been said its designed to work with all other ‘systems’ and is congruent to every natural response for these systems.

Hemp extract oils and your ECS system were designed to go together like bread and butter. Your ECS is waiting to be activated and because Hemp compounds works in harmony with your ECS, it can take it out of dormancy.

Living Without Hemp extract oils?

There are some people who cannot even fathom this idea, but what happens if you never activate those ECS in your system? Also, for someone who experiences poor health all the time, this person could be experiencing “Clinical ECS Deficiency” or CED. While the results of CED are still preliminary, the evidence still shows it can exist.

When your ECS is running smoothly, your body thrives in homeostasis. When the ECS is operating at 100%, it acts as a manager over the body to ensure everything is running/working the way it should.

Living life without Hemp extract could mean you never find the answers to the problems that you can’t figure out. Living without Hemp could mean your body never performs the marriage ceremony between your ECS and Hemp, therefore causing an out of balance lifestyle.

Hemp is full of compounds which can assist the user against the effects of CeD in their body. When you fight this issue from within, you bring your ECS back into balance.

PRO TIP To experience the full benefits of Hemp extract oils, you need to continue a daily regimen for at least a month to get on track and activate your ECS.

In Conclusion

Hemp extract oils is a great way to discover a new found system in your body and generate a better, healthier option for your life.


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